Happy Thanksgiving blog readers! It’s that time of year where we overindulge in vegetable casseroles and pumpkin pie with family and friends.  This holiday celebration is often considered the biggest meal before Christmas, and dieters often give into the temptation and can consume over 1500 calories in just one meal. By the way, that’s as many calories as I eat in 1 day. This year you can stay on track by carefully pre-planning your dietary options and knowing the right excuses. Besides I’m sure you’ve probably tried pumpkin pie before and know what it tastes like.

The average Thanksgiving dinner contains many starch servings including: rolls, potatoes, yams and stuffing. Traditional vegetable side dishes contain a medly of root vegetables and squashes which tend to be higher in carbothydrates.  We all know that starches are the enemy while loseing weight.  Choose your starch servings carefully, and if you can limit yourself to one starch option. Portion control is the key; choose to load up on poultry.

This Thanksgiving enjoy the bounty of your local harvest. Buy your food locally and from Farmers Markets or better yet straight from the source (your neighbourhood farm). Food just tastes better when it’s grown close to home, and spending your food dollars locally just makes sence.  Infact celebrating the local farm is what this holiday celebration is all about, despite how good the pumpkin pie tastes. 

When it comes to dessert, just say NO…..easier said then done you say. If you find yourself tempted to indulge volunteer to clean up the kitchen at dessert time. Staying away from the table while dessert is served will save your waist line from excess bulge.  It’s just as easy to say, I’m allergic to ---? , which is an excuse that will work anytime wether a holiday supper, potluck celebration or restaurant meal.

Alchol is often another temptation at holiday meals. Even 1 glass of wine can increase your meal by 150 calories. The beverage of choice would be water, tea or coffee. If you know alcohol is being served volunteer to be the designated driver. It’s another excuse that works everytime and for any celebration.  

So this Thanksgiving I encourage you to be thankful for the friends and family in your life, not the second helping of creamy mashed potatoes with gravy. If you do overindulge your digestive system will suffer and produce sysmptoms of blotaing, gas and tiredness.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a good time to invest in your dietary health and wellness. If you live in PEI and are looking for a little motivation I have a few seats left for my group weight loss challenge in Stratford. To find out more check out, http://blog.rachellewood.ca/post/2009/09/29/6-Week-Group-Weight-Loss-Challenge-e28093STRATFORD.aspx and to register for the challenge call Rachelle Wood, Registered Holistic Nutritionist at 892-SLIM or email rachelle@rachellewood.ca 

Do you have a holiday survival diet trick to share with other blog readers? If so email your suggestion to info@rachellewood.ca. Happy Thanksgiving and I would like to thank my many wonderful in office weight loss clients who inspired this blog post.


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